Understanding OPPi
OPPi understanding questions

About OPPi

What is OPPi?
OPPi is an AI-powered opinion crowdsourcing and engagement tool for decision makers. OPPi helps diverse stakeholders find common ground via the introduction of simple emergent surveys, which in turn helps promote self-awareness to reveal shared beliefs. In addition to facilitating the discovery of new perspectives, the tool aims to capture the full gamut of sentiment with its inclusive framework. This is done in real-time to offer quick and digestible insights to inform decision making.
What can I use OPPi for?
Do you want to know what your stakeholders are thinking? If you said yes, you've come to the right place!

Today, more than ever, people desire to be heard and with the advent of digital technology and democratisation of communication channels, it has become an uphill challenge for leaders to engage effectively with stakeholders on the ground, especially when they lack the necessary tools to tackle such issues quickly and efficiently.

The current options on the market are either unable to capture nuanced sentiments or require extensive investments of money, time and manpower which are unsustainable in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. But with OPPi, you can measure and sense what your stakeholders want in real-time.

To learn more, please feel free to read our case studies and blog posts here.
Is OPPi a survey/poll, market research tool, or virtual focus group?
OPPI is not just a survey platform, we are more than that.

By more, OPPi aims to create meaningful engagements with its stakeholders and have them land on a node of common understanding and acceptance of the way forward. Some of our clients have used OPPi as a traditional survey platform, to conduct market research, as a virtual focus group, as a catalyst for dialogues and as a tool for ideation.

We are also not here to replace familiar survey tools out there. However, if you would like to have real time opinions of your stakeholders analysed for you in real-time and distilled into actionable insights, OPPi is the choice for you.

How is OPPi different from or better than other existing platforms?
OPPi is superior to other tools in the following areas:
1. Speed: OPPi can crowdsource and analyse the sentiments of thousands of people in real-time. This reduces the time taken to understand the pulse of a group of people from several months to just a couple of days. Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets and VLOOKUP formulas, because with OPPi, you'll get your insights with just a few clicks!

 2. Circular and regenerative engagement at scale: OPPi helps you to engage your stakeholders at scale. A single OPPi session will provide you with comprehensive insights without the need to deploy multiple surveys or host re-engagement sessions with your stakeholders.

Most of the insights usually come from participants and not from poll organisers. Meaning they are ground-up and not top-down. Some of these insights might come as a surprise to the organisers as they might challenge their pre-conceived notions and cognitive biases while broadening their understanding of their audience’s sentiments.  

3. Amplifying the voices of the silent majority: Traditional platforms for discourse amplify echo-chambers, silos and divisions. Often, the loudest and most provocative voices win.

OPPi preserves minority opinions while bringing to light the views of the silent majority by levelling the playing field for the loud minority and the silent majority. At the same time, OPPi "gamifies" consensus building and common ground.  

4. Actionable insights for busy leaders: OPPi's decision-matrix or "so-what chart" allows decision makers to instantly analyse what their stakeholders are saying to distil actionable insights and signals.

OPPi helps to identify various opinion tribes in real-time to aid decision makers in understanding various personas for any given topic.
What is the future of OPPi?
The future of OPPi lies with you. Try out OPPi for yourself and help us promote open conversations around the world!

About OPPi's Free Trial

How do I use OPPi for free?
Welcome to the world of open conversations. You can sign up for a free account here.
I would like to upgrade to a premium account, will my current data be transferred over as well?
Yes. All the data you have created in your free account will be upgraded to the premium account.
Is there a limit to the number of questions/statements I can ask per survey?
With a free account, you can set a maximum of 10 questions/statements per poll.
Is there a limit to the number of participants I can engage with each survey?
Yes, there is a limit of 50 participants per poll.
What is the minimum number of respondents required before the analytical report can be generated?
OPPi requires at least 7 participants to respond to all the statements in each session before any data on the analytics report can be seen.
Can I download the raw data for my survey?
Unfortunately, this feature is only available for our premium users.
What are the limitations of OPPi's free trial?
OPPi's free trial users will have 3 sessions to try out the features of OPPi. The maximum number of participants per session is 50 and the number of statements that you can ask per session is 10.

About OPPi Premium

What are OPPi's premium features?
With a premium OPPi account, you can:

(1) Use images to provide more context to your statements.
(2) Poll up to 2000 participants to get more out of your session.
(3) Redirect participants to your own website to provide higher engagement.
(4) Embed OPPi in your own website for branding.
(5) Choose to turn off public results or use CAPTCHA instead of email.
(6) Deploy polls in Mandarin, French, Bahasa Malaysia or Spanish (Coming soon).
(7) Choose from different types of multiple choice question templates.
(8) Host sessions for the period of subscription.
How does OPPi's premium account (Trailblazer) works?
OPPi's premium account is on a subscription basis and can be renewed monthly. A premium account allows you to have access to all the advanced features listed above.

The premium account offers you access to OPPI features for the period of subscription. This includes poll deployments as well as the access to the analytics dashboard.

If you would like to conduct your session for more than 31 days, please contact our sales representative at hello@oppi.live.
I would like to conduct face-to-face interviews or focus group discussions and analysis of the data. Is that possible and if so, how much would it cost?
Yes. We provide services that include face-to-face interviews and focus group discussions and analysis of data. For that, we will need to customise a package depending on the total number of people we need to interview. Please contact our sales representative at hello@oppi.live for information.
What happens when the email address function is disabled at the end of the OPPi survey?
When the email address function is disabled, CAPTCHA verfication will automatically be enabled to ensure that bots don't interfere with the results. Participants who did not finish voting on all statements but choose to end the survey early (less than 7 statements) will still get their results recorded. 

However, this would mean that organisers can no longer re-engage the participants and invite them to participate vote on new statements contributed by other participants.
Is there a way to remove the test data?
Premium accounts have unlimited sessions. You can start a session to test your poll and once you are ready, you can start another session for actual distribution to your participants.

How to Start

What do I need to start an OPPi engagement session?
Aside from creating an account, you will need the following:
1. An issue that matters to you.
2. Participants.
3. Channels or ways to market the poll and keep the conversation alive.
4. The curiosity to analyse and interpret the results.

Check out our blog here on how to craft a good engagement session!
What kind of questions would help me to get the most out of OPPi?
We believe that questions that trigger your participants' thinking will generate the best outcome for your session. You will want your participants to share as many insights as possible so that everyone can benefit from the wisdom of crowdsourcing.

Check out our blog here on how to start crafting a good question.
Can OPPi help to develop statistically representative surveys?
Yes we can. Contact us at hello@oppi.live for more information.
Does OPPi have a panel audience that we can send our session to?
No. OPPi does not retain the personal information of our participants beyond 30 days and does not have our panel audience.

However, we do offer customised solutions and can link you up with our partners whenever relevant or necessary.
Do I need to have multiple choice questions in my survey?
It's entirely up to you! There is no need to have multiple choice questions if you don't have any to ask.

How to Analyse

How do I analyse the OPPi results?
Our product lead, Santosh has put together a video with a sample poll for your reference below. Otherwise a written guide about the decision matrix can be read here.
What is common ground?
Common ground statements are statements that garner a high percentage of consensus among participants in any given poll.
What is a divisive statement?
Divisive statements are statements that divide a group of participants and may not exhibit a clear majority view.
What is an acknowledge statement?
Acknowledge statements are statements that have a significant minority view.
How are statements allocated into their respective categories?
OPPi's backend analytics determines these statements by calculating the level of consensus (i.e. Consensus Factor) in each statement. The scale below shows how we categorise common ground, divided and acknowledge statements.
How do I read the opinion groups/tribes?
Each opinion group exhibits a certain set of unique behaviour and characteristics. This can be comprehended by scrolling through the unique statements associated to the particular opinion group and by filtering and cross-referencing the responses with each multiple choice question.
Is the number of opinion groups fixed?

OPPi's algorithm will analyse all responses from participants and determine the number of opinion groups from the various sets of behaviours and characteristics present in each unique poll.
What is OPPi's methodology?
OPPI combines quantitative and qualitative methods with advanced statistical techniques to help leaders identify fault lines and common ground. OPPI deploys machine learning methods to learn patterns from respondents in real-time. It can identify opinion tribes based on respondents’ views and visualise correlations between respondents.

Through these methods, the areas of division are identified and areas of commonality are surfaced. OPPi's algorithm analyses all votes and determines the landscape of opinions made by the respondents. Using Artificial Intelligence, OPPi clusters and discovers the various tribes based on how similar or different the respondents vote. 

To uniquely identify each tribes, OPPI will further determine unique statements expressed by the various tribes.


What's your privacy policy? Why do you collect email addresses?
At OPPi, your privacy is of utmost importance. No email address is linked to any participant's response.

We collect email addresses so that organisers of each session can contact participants again to revisit the session and contribute new perspectives. There is an option for premium users to disable the collection of email addresses in their sessions if they do not require any re-engagement of participants.

OPPi and the organisers of the session can choose to ask participants if they would like to be on their mailing list for marketing efforts. Participants can opt out if they choose not to be engaged.

For more details about our privicy policy and terms of use, please click here.

Other Technical Matters

How does OPPi select the “statements that define each group” (i.e. the mechanisms and/or criteria used by OPPi)?
For the selection of unique statements that define each group, OPPi's analytics use a variant of dimensionality reduction technique to map statements with each group. Thereafter, we use a form of multivariate statistical method to determine the highest scoring statements that identified with each group.
What is the logic behind the multiple choice questions that appear alongside the seed statements?
The logic is that for every 3 statements, there will be one MCQ displayed. We determined this logic through our user testing and feedback that such an order allows for participants to answer MCQs freely and honestly. This order also allows organisers to carefully curate the statements and trigger participants' thinking in giving their opinions.
Will any incomplete responses be captured by OPPi?
Yes. respondents need to complete the whole survey in order for OPPi to capture their responses. To complete, participants will need to key in their email address at the end of the voting mechanism. If they leave the page halfway through the poll, the system will keep track of their responses and allow them to continue from where they last left off.

We do have a premium feature which does not require participants to key in their email address, but will still be required to click on the “submit” button to register their response. This feature prevents Sybil attacks, bots or undesirable participants from skewing the results of the poll.

What are the upcoming features?
We are currently working on a few exciting collaborative projects and features — do feel free to follow us on our social media channels (we're on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!) to stay up to date or drop us an email with any suggestions or feedback at- hello@oppi.live.

UK Office:
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Singapore Office:
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