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people desire to be heard.

Bottom-up crowdsourcing, consensus building, finding common ground. Let OPPi help you discover commonalities among your stakeholders.

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Join this community where you can share your thoughts in this tangled webbed world!

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Besides revealing shared beliefs and being an outlet for opinions, OPPi is also a powerful tool for:

  • Thought Leaders
  • Policy Makers and Lobbyists
  • Educators
  • Game Changers or Idea Challengers
  • Curious Individuals
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What if you could...

Find Common Ground

By utilizing simple emergent surveys, OPPi intends to promote self-awareness with real-time efficiency to reveal shared beliefs. We might be more similar than we think!

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Opinions on OPPi

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"It's very quick and easy to do the poll; responsive system too. The results are almost instantaneous, and we get to see how we fare across other respondents."

Dulcie Eng
Head of innovation
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"OPPi was relatively easy to use since it only needed less than 10 MCQ questions to be answered over a handphone and it allowed the organizer to generate additional questions almost instantly, based on fresh feedback given. The slicing and dicing of the data allowed us to know which demographic group gave a feedback."

Angeline Tan
senior Manager
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"Personally, I found the insights on the areas of work needed for changemakers, especially in raising public awareness of the lived experience of changemakers and the pain-points, poignant in raising the profile of the issue within my organization."

Abhishek Bajaj

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