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How does Oppi work?

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The 2020 Singapore General Elections

The elections are now over and with official results straight out from the oven, the ruling party of Singapore, Peoples’ Action Party (PAP) obtained 61.24% of the overall valid votes on 11 July 2020.

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IPS Online Forum Private Data, Public Good?

OPPI is proud to have partnered the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), an independent think-tank that studies and generates public policy ideas in Singapore, for an online forum poll on the 13 May 2020.

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Strengthening the Singaporean Core

The issue of a Singaporean core in the workforce especially at middle to higher management levels has been in the national spotlight. In the opening of Parliament on 31 August, Labour MP Patrick Tay suggested that local authorities can do more to protect the Singaporean workforce.

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How does Oppi work?

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OPPi’s Decision Matrix

Decisions are at the core of any successful endeavour. The challenge is how do we make the right decisions at the right time for the right issues and people?

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Frequently Asked Questions

OPPi provides people the sense making ability.

What is OPPi ?

OPPi is an AI-powered engagement platform that helps leaders to develop better conversations and create better engagement with their stakeholders.

How can I use OPPi in my line of work?

Find out what your audience think. Get fresh perspectives that you otherwise won't think about. Let others share your problems

What is OPPi best used for?

Check out our Case Studies above to find out what are the possibilities

What's the difference between OPPi and other polling or surveying softwares/products?

We strive to be as inclusive as possible. That's our main difference. Check out this article where we explore the differences

I am not from Singapore, Can I still use OPPi?

Definitely! There is no restriction in which country this product can be used.

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