How does OPPi work?

Starting conversations and analysing results is easy with OPPi. Here’s how to get started.

Launch an engagement session

Learn the best practices to ensure that your engagement session is effective and engaging for your stakeholders. Discover strategies to create a dynamic and interactive experience.

Analyse your results

Hear what your stakeholders are saying, find out what matters to you the most, discover common ground from OPPI's data Unlock valuable insights from your stakeholders, uncover their concerns, and identify shared priorities. With OPPI's powerful data analysis, you can gain a deeper understanding of your audience and make informed decisions. Let us help you navigate the complexities and find common ground.


Find answers to common questions about OPPI.

Is there a limit to the number of questions/statements I can ask per engagement session?

With the free Pathfinder plan, you can ask a maximum of 20 questions per engagement session. There’s no limit with paid plans.

Are you safe?

At OPPI, ensuring your safety is our utmost priority, reflecting our commitment to creating a secure and trustworthy environment. We are proud to hold the Cyber Essentials certification, issued by The IASME Consortium Ltd, which underlines our adherence to rigorous cybersecurity standards. This certification (ID: 8565506d-ded4-4983-9e1d-52d0c7b421b5) is a testament to our proactive stance on security, continuously updating our policies to safeguard your information and peace of mind.

How many respondents does an engagement session need before OPPi is able to analyse results?

OPPi starts analysing data immediately, but that information only becomes meaningful once you’ve heard from a few respondents. You’ll be able to view an analytics report on your session once you’ve had seven responses.

If I upgrade to a Trailblazer or Explorer plan, will my data be carried across from my Pathfinder account?

Yes. All data in your free account will be upgraded to the premium account.

Can I download the raw data for my session?

Yes, if you have a Trailblazer or Explorer plan. If you have a Pathfinder plan, you’ll need to upgrade to view the raw data.

I would like to conduct face-to-face interviews or focus group discussions and then let OPPI analyse the data. Is that possible and how much would it cost?

Yes, you can do that. We’ll need to customise your package and for that you’ll need our Explorer plan. Contact us so we can explore what you need and quote you.

What features are you planning next?

Lots! Stay up to date by following us on Facebook, X, Instagram and LinkedIn, or send any suggestions or feedback to

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