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Stop ‘surveying’, start talking

You know the problem with traditional surveys? It's all so surface. There's no nuance. No depth. No context. You don't get beyond the headlines of what people really feel. You don't know why they feel it. And getting the results can take forever. Whoever you're talking to - your customers, your people or the public - you get better, more relevant results when you stop ‘surveying’ and start real conversations in real time. That’s OPPi.

Creating the conversation

There are two elements to every conversation: what is said and what is heard. One of the reasons we see such a divide on social media is because everyone’s speaking and not so many are listening. It’s easy for organisations to fall into the same trap. We created OPPi as a way for organisations to break the habit of ‘surveying’ and discover a better way to listen, understand and act on those learnings.

Introducing OPPI
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The experience

What’s it like to use OPPi?

People trust OPPi. They trust us because we’re open and transparent. They trust us because we treat personal data exactly as you’d hope we would treat it. And they trust us because they’ve used ‘survey platforms’ before and we’re not like the others. The best piece of feedback we’ve ever had is that with most surveys, you are always surveyed to. With OPPi, you are surveyed with. We think you’ll feel that difference too.

Enhanced Research

Access a wealth of data and opinions to fuel your research and analysis.

Data-driven Decisions

Leverage AI-powered insights to make data-driven decisions with confidence.


Meet Our Team

Our Advisors and key members of the team

Adrian Liew

Adrian is a digital strategist, communications consultant and marketing technologist who has advised corporate leaders, government officials and foreign embassies. As a technologist, Adrian’s passion is analysing and using data to reveal the insightful, profound stories that make a difference to people, companies and governments. This was the creative spark for OPPi.

Jennifer Lewis

Jennifer began her corporate communications journey after more than twenty years as a TV, print and online journalist, before joining GIC  and managing strategic communications for the sovereign wealth fund. Today, she advises several AI and digital asset start-ups and leads strategic communications (internal and external) at Temasek Foundation, the non-profit organization which works to strengthen social resilience and uplift lives in Singapore.

Danny Goh

Nexus FrontierTech leverages the latest AI and data technologies to help businesses unleash the potential of their data. Driven by the vision of bridging the gap between developers and business professionals, Nexus FrontierTech is on a mission to raise awareness of the benefits of AI in solving the most common problems in enterprise. Since 2019, Nexus FrontierTech has been our AI partner, advising us on how to intelligently detect opinion groups.

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Empowering with OPPI

Driving Growth and Effectiveness with AI-powered Data

Discover the power of OPPI, the SAAS product that gathers opinions and data using AI. With our innovative technology, we provide market researchers, politicians, and more with valuable insights to drive growth and make informed decisions.

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The OPPI team's survey set-up and delivery processs was seamless, and the overall aggregated opinion survey report helped us to evaluate the value from our Tech Founders attending our mission and to pin point specific areas we can improve for future trade missions. I would highly recommend OPPI to organisations looking for a simple opinion survey user experience and dashboard report that is backed up by sophisticated data analysis.

Richard Lowe, CIPD

Managing Director, Hewlett Rand

Thank you OPPi, for providing us with this platform. The data analysis page was easy and intuitive to navigate, and we were able to get a quick snapshot of Singaporeans' views on a range of policies to achieve gender equality. We had a great experience working with the team at OPPi.

Chong Ning Qian

Senior Executive, Research

I would like to earnestly recommend OPPi for their expertise and professionalism in data survey collection. OPPi collected thousands of online survey data samples for us within a month, much faster than we had anticipated.

Prof. Cheong Kang Hao

Singapore University of Technology and Design

It was definitely an immersive experience for our students to create a poll about AI with an AI tool! The OPPi survey generated really useful findings, discovering the shared opinions in a potentially divisive topic, as promised. The students were then able to use this to better curate and plan the content of the webinar, and at the same time, give the participants a taste of AI in action.

TI-PHUA Meow Ngoh

Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic

Working with the OPPi team has been very resourceful for us at Peppa.
The team went to great lengths to not just only get customer feedback and responses but also suggest recommendations based on the insights derived.
I would work with them over and over based on this experience.
Great output.

Banky Alao

CEO / Co-Founder
peppa.io (Techstars '22)

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Find answers to common questions about OPPI.

Is there a limit to the number of questions/statements I can ask per engagement session?

With the free Pathfinder plan, you can ask a maximum of 20 questions per engagement session. There’s no limit with paid plans.

Are you safe?

At OPPI, ensuring your safety is our utmost priority, reflecting our commitment to creating a secure and trustworthy environment. We are proud to hold the Cyber Essentials certification, issued by The IASME Consortium Ltd, which underlines our adherence to rigorous cybersecurity standards. This certification (ID: 8565506d-ded4-4983-9e1d-52d0c7b421b5) is a testament to our proactive stance on security, continuously updating our policies to safeguard your information and peace of mind.

How many respondents does an engagement session need before OPPi is able to analyse results?

OPPi starts analysing data immediately, but that information only becomes meaningful once you’ve heard from a few respondents. You’ll be able to view an analytics report on your session once you’ve had seven responses.

If I upgrade to a Trailblazer or Explorer plan, will my data be carried across from my Pathfinder account?

Yes. All data in your free account will be upgraded to the premium account.

Can I download the raw data for my session?

Yes, if you have a Trailblazer or Explorer plan. If you have a Pathfinder plan, you’ll need to upgrade to view the raw data.

I would like to conduct face-to-face interviews or focus group discussions and then let OPPI analyse the data. Is that possible and how much would it cost?

Yes, you can do that. We’ll need to customise your package and for that you’ll need our Explorer plan. Contact us so we can explore what you need and quote you.

What features are you planning next?

Lots! Stay up to date by following us on Facebook, X, Instagram and LinkedIn, or send any suggestions or feedback to hello@oppi.live.

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