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OUR story

Why OPPi?

"Is there a way to break polarisation?"

This is the question that we ask ourselves when we see the increasing divide on social media. Current research tools are designed to find out what divides the people and are keen to put people into boxes. We also find that people are generally not able to share their views openly and surveys are typically a one-way street.

This is why we created OPPi. We aim to seek common ground amongst the divided. We want to introduce a new way of participatory research, where people can share their opinions in an open manner, all in real-time.

Through OPPi. regardless of differences, there is a common ground that we can identify and take things forward.


Who's who

Adrian Liew


Adrian is the founder of Beknown Pte Ltd and the brainchild behind OPPi. Adrian is an experienced digital strategist, communications consultant and marketing technologist with more than ten years of experience. In his years of experience, he advised corporate leaders, government officials and foreign embassies on how they can enhance their public communications to their stakeholders. As a technologist, Adrian is also experienced in data analytics and data storytelling.

Jennifer Lewis


Ms Jennifer Lewis has been with Temasek Foundation since April 2020, and is responsible for the strategic management of the Foundation’s internal and external communication and engagement activities. Prior to this, she had been with GIC since 2007, also managing strategic communications for the sovereign wealth fund.  She began her corporate communications journey after more than twenty years as a journalist with television, print and online experience.  She also advises several AI and digital asset start-ups.

Nexus FrontierTech


Nexus FrontierTech leverages the latest artificial intelligence and data technologies to help businesses unleash the potential of their data. Driven by the vision of bridging the gap between developers and business professionals, Nexus FrontierTech is on a mission to raise awareness of the benefits of AI in solving the most common problems in enterprise. Since 2019, Nexus FrontierTech has been our AI partner, advising us on how to intelligently detect opinion groups.

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It’s time we had an open and honest dialogue with each other.

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