The story behind OPPi

đź“° OPPi was featured twice in The Straits Times! Find out more here and here.

Meet the TEAM

Behind the sentiment engine

Adrian Liew


Head honcho for Beknown and OPPi. He hopes that OPPi will break new grounds in conversations and together, we can shape a better world.

Wong Seong Cheng


In an increasingly polarized world, Seong Cheng believes that OPPi will provide the impetus needed to drive a paradigm shift in better conversations and engagement online.

Santosh Kumar


Santosh believes that the real conversations in organizations happen around the water cooler and other informal spaces. He hopes to create a safe space to help society become more self-aware.

Wayne Neo


Wayne asks the difficult questions; what is stopping us from finding common ground on difficult issues, when we are clicks away from connecting with the rest of the world?

Yinxue Tay


Yinxue is a colourful raconteur who has worked on a variety of mediums. She is currently developing OPPi's visual language.

Kimberly Ng


Kim is a writer that's passionate about art and the natural environment, and believes that we should all have a say in what matters most to us.

Lim Yi Torng


Yi Torng seeks to navigate our messy, nebulous realities and spark better conversations with OPPi and social data science.


Expert Advice

Jennifer Lewis


Ms Jennifer Lewis has been with Temasek Foundation since April 2020, and is responsible for the strategic management of the Foundation’s internal and external communication and engagement activities. Prior to this, she had been with GIC since 2007, also managing strategic communications for the sovereign wealth fund.  She began her corporate communications journey after more than twenty years as a journalist with television, print and online experience.  She also advises several AI and digital asset start-ups.

Nexus FrontierTech


Nexus FrontierTech leverages the latest artificial intelligence and data technologies to help businesses unleash the potential of their data. Driven by the vision of bridging the gap between developers and business professionals, Nexus FrontierTech is on a mission to raise awareness of the benefits of AI in solving the most common problems in enterprise. Since 2019, Nexus FrontierTech has been our AI partner, advising us on how to intelligently detect opinion groups.

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